Francesc F P: Meropw apiaster
clarencecooray: DSC_0266 (Black Hooded Oriole)
clarencecooray: DSC_0451 Plain Prinia
clarencecooray: DSC_9982 Yellow Billed Babbler
mpalmer934: Golden crowned kinglet
Ruby 2417: Scrub Jay at Hole-In-The-Wall
TW Olympia: Godwits Jaseur d'Amérique
wesleybarr1962: fan club
rsedrel: Sunset Eagle
Luke6876: Red Wattlebird parent feeding chick
Delena Jane: jan19 2022 5
ronherst: Sandpipers Keeping an Eye on Me
Ray10125: Doing the Spoonbill Shuffle to impress the nearby ladies
Ray10125: Royal Spoonbill drying its wings
Terry J. Graham: Pelican Preening
O. Levasseur: Harfang des neiges - Snowy Owl
felicitydawn: Mallards
ReiK@n: Tern
ricardo00: sharp-shinned hawk watching
idigtobedug: 244 Immature Bald Eagle 1-23-22 (GG)
JFP_Birds: Violet-crowned Hummingbird (Amazilia violiceps) - Patagonia, Arizona, USA
Scotty7949e: Verdin
John David Hutchison: Hooded Merganser ( Male )
rdelonga: CR5_1799.jpg
Jono Dashper Wildlife: Australian Logrunner - Orthonyx temminckii
johnb.essay09: "What are you staring at?"
David Pinkerton: Horned Lark
Outofthisworldphotography: Bald Eagle Hunting