Kristin Marie Enns-Kavanagh: you've got to kiss a lot of frogs...
debstromquist: Donna reading about this painting, "In the Conservatory"
debstromquist: Donna & Teresa walking along the top of the flood wall
Paul and Nalva: North Point Candlelight - 2019-12-22_02
Paul and Nalva: Going for that last catch of the day - 2019-11-26_07
the factory wall: The crowd
Paul and Nalva: Solo run - 2019-03-11_01
the factory wall: Early 70s Charger
Paul and Nalva: Cowgirls, ready to compete - 2018-07-27_32
stefans_box: Silhouettes & Shadows 02
stefans_box: Silhouettes & Shadows 01
stefans_box: Am Fenster
stefans_box: Take A Break: Recess Edition 1
stefans_box: son of firefighter
stefans_box: dancers in the sunset 05
stefans_box: Chocolatier
stefans_box: Jerusalem - Old Town - Altstadt
mstrellish: Taking in the WWII Memorial
Paul and Nalva: 2 of 2: Pitcher mound focus - 2018-03-10_07
Paul and Nalva: 1 of 2: Home plate focus - 2018-03-10_06
Paul and Nalva: Warm sun by the cold lake #2 - 2018-01-06__02
Paul and Nalva: Warm sun by the cold lake #1 - 2018-01-06__01
Paul and Nalva: 2016-09-04_03
Paul and Nalva: Mom and her kids, at dusk - 2016-03-23_07
Paul and Nalva: 2016-05-10_086
Paul and Nalva: Taking requests - 2016-05-10_100
Paul and Nalva: Red, white, and blue - 2017-08-05_04
Paul and Nalva: White-washed - 2017-01-28_01
Paul and Nalva: Thankful Friends - 2016-11-24_03
Paul and Nalva: 2016-09-04_04