Craigs Travels: Tree Tunnel on Kangaroo Island
yeahwotever: Yellow Barrel.
yeahwotever: Valdivia Pena.
yeahwotever: The Corner.
yeahwotever: Deep in the Desert.
Craigs Travels: Road up the Hai Van Pass between Da Nang and Hue
podolux: Sioux Motel
podolux: Sands in Cheyenne
podolux: I Have a Need for Solitude
podolux: Firebird Motor Hotel
podolux: Corn Statue
podolux: Desert Inn
Craigs Travels: Newton Drury Scenic Parkway
Craigs Travels: Road up to the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend NP
Craigs Travels: Road through Lassen NP
Craigs Travels: Fog rolling in on Highway 101 North of Klamath
yeahwotever: Baja Bucks.
yeahwotever: The Road Ahead.
yeahwotever: The Road North.
yeahwotever: Guerrero Negro
podolux: Fleetwood Teardrop
podolux: Shasta Trailer
yeahwotever: Road Ahead.
yeahwotever: Somewhere Nowhere.
yeahwotever: Dead Cactus.
yeahwotever: Roadside Gulfside.
yeahwotever: Outta Gas.
podolux: Golden Nugget
yeahwotever: Pulled over.