podolux: Fleetwood Teardrop
podolux: Shasta Trailer
yeahwotever: Road Ahead.
yeahwotever: Somewhere Nowhere.
yeahwotever: Dead Cactus.
yeahwotever: Roadside Gulfside.
yeahwotever: Outta Gas.
podolux: Golden Nugget
yeahwotever: Pulled over.
yeahwotever: Hut 15.
podolux: Sky Ranch Sign
podolux: Dead Gables Sign
podolux: From the Canyon to the Mountains
podolux: Gambling and Floor Shows
podolux: Starlite
podolux: A Storybook Chapel
yeahwotever: Hotel Hacienda.
yeahwotever: Curios Lubitas
podolux: Sea Level
yeahwotever: The Main Drag.
yeahwotever: Multi Tasking.
yeahwotever: Mud Feature.
yeahwotever: KM 171.
podolux: Stop, Pray
podolux: Morning Road to Taos
podolux: Santos - Woodcarving - Popsicles
Valter Jacinto | Portugal: Fonte Férrea, São Brás de Alportel, Algarve, Portugal
Valter Jacinto | Portugal: Barrocal algarvio in Spring, Portugal
peterfoulds1: The Church by the lake- Lake Tekapo_4