zxorg: Northern Harrier
robinb44: Nature's Colours
Ursa Major Communications: Fraser River from The Old Bridge, Lillooet
Ursa Major Communications: Sagebrush & Sky
Ursa Major Communications: Dawn, Fraser River at Lillooet
21mickrange: Boulder
robinb44: The Mighty Mount Robson
robinb44: Oregon Fawn Lily [Erythronium oregonum] - Liliaceae
robinb44: Archipelago at Neck Point
robinb44: Wildflowers - Salmonberry Flower [Rubus spectabilis] [Rosaceae]
robinb44: Rubus spectabilis [Rosaceae] Salmonberry
robinb44: Wildflowers - Buttercups [Ranunculus]
robinb44: Wildflowers - Blackberry [Rosacae, Rubus]
robinb44: Wildberry - Salmonberry [Rubus spectabilis]
robinb44: Wildflowers - Oxeye Daisy [Leucanthemum vulgare] [Asteraceae]
robinb44: Wildflowers - Baldhip Rose [Rosa gymnocarpa] Rosacae
robinb44: Big and Small
robinb44: Big and Small
robinb44: Pinnacles Out of the Forest
zxorg: Rolley Lake
Freshairphotography by Janis Morrison: Elk/Beaver Lake Trails, Saanich, BC
zxorg: Powerhouse at Stave Falls outflow