andrea_perego: With Charles Baudelaire
andrea_perego: I can see dead people
enzo 74: Backstage
andrea_perego: Venezia, Piazza San Marco
andrea_perego: The Flying Thinker - Le penseur volant
ironmember: What the hell ...
F_T 74: rome
enzo 74: dior
enzo 74: momento romantico!
enzo 74: gocce
Giovanni CIUNNA: "Face to face with my conscience" color
Giovanni CIUNNA: "Face to face with my conscience"
William Keckler: (wherevershore)
Mei Fabrizio: TOFFIA (657)
Mei Fabrizio: FARFA (644)
noahswelt: Cologne, Germany
ironmember: Mille piccole Perle
ironmember: Dew Spiderweb Christmas
noahswelt: dialogue
noahswelt: Autoportrait
noahswelt: Mandarin Erpel
noahswelt: Kiss
noahswelt: Kung Fu Erpel
noahswelt: Hands on the face
noahswelt: Mirrow
noahswelt: Cologne Kathedrale
noahswelt: Germany, Cologne, Mediapark (Cinedom)
noahswelt: Sunset
noahswelt: Square