M. Coppola: Carolina Chickadee
M. Coppola: Eastern Bluebird
rivai56: Sittelle à poitrine rousse – Red-breasted Nuthatch - Beauce, Canada - 3189
GoodingGreen: bird with house
rivai56: Mangeoire d'oiseaux - Mésange à tête noire - Black-capped Chickadee, Québec, PQ, Canada - 3541
suzanne~: Little Red Birdhouse and Budding Leaves
Brunarski: Tree Swallow in her Nextbox
Brunarski: nestbox
Brunarski: swallow I
Brunarski: Eastern Bluebird II
JMS2: Bird House
fakoman: Mr Cardinal
suzanne~: Homes in the trees
suzanne~: Turn up the heat...
suzanne~: Houseproud
suzanne~: Home Sweet Home
rivai56: Geai bleu - Blue Jay, Beauce, PQ, Canada - 3210
austexican718: European Starling
ColaFan56: Ice Cream Street View-2
ricmcarthur: Disputed territory.
austexican718: "This stuff is so good I could bathe in it!"
M. Coppola: Eastern Bluebird
austexican718: Chipping Sparrow
austexican718: House Finch
austexican718: Audubon's Oriole
austexican718: Audubon's Oriole
ricmcarthur: Common grackle
rivai56: Montage 3 photos, 2 hori et 1 ver - Nichoirs oiseaux, hiver
rivai56: Montage 4 photos, 1 hori et 3 ver - Nichoirs oiseaux, hiver
rivai56: Mésange à tête noire - Black-capped Chickadee, Beauce, PQ, Canada - 3037