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Dr. Mike Caudle: Pretty Hibiscus in San Antonio, TX
Dr. Mike Caudle: Rough, Tough, Real Stuff
Dr. Mike Caudle: Bexar County, TX 10
Dr. Mike Caudle: On the River Walk, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Mike Caudle: Ling Ling (RIP) in Her Favorite Chair (Mine)
Dr. Mike Caudle: The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC
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YourCastlesDecor: 4TH Of July Pink Picnic
Jason 87030: Uno 287, New South Bridge Road
danimaniacs: DSCN4680
YourCastlesDecor: small vintage French enamel pitchers
evang0704: 手縫娃衣~圓糕
evang0704: 手縫娃衣~圓糕
Mac ind Óg: Softly Pink
'cosmicgirl1960' NEW CANON CAMERA: Bottle Brush Clouds!