lhboudreau: Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay) gets a visit from The Beatles (Feb., 1964).
Greatest Paka Photography: True Indigo (Indigofera tinctoria)
Sharon Mollerus: History in the Making Mural, Tulsa 7/18/22
MR38.: Topps Jackie Robinson # 30 - White Back - Trading Card - 1956
PatricksMercy: Sister Thea Bowman, FSPA in the modified habit of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in 1969
tsevis: Experience Black
EC Leatherberry: Minnesota, St. Paul, Holman Field Administration Building
ArtFan70: Mother (Awaiting His Return)
RPhotos2008: Fazendeville 1960
RPhotos2008: Pointe Algiers (founded 1718)
EC Leatherberry: Oklahoma, Langston, Langston University, The President's Residence; H. Aline Johnson Center
EC Leatherberry: Oklahoma, Langston, City Hall
Greatest Paka Photography: 'Planting' by Thomas Hart Benton
Greatest Paka Photography: Voting Rights: Selma, Alabama 1965
djhuisken3: Octavious Cato Anniversary Celebration-DSC01691-2
RPhotos2008: Walkertown mural (Corinne Degree Walker) Foxxfb2021
lhboudreau: “The Gift of Josephine Baker” by Léo Larguier in the French magazine “Voila,” 1936.
Daren Thompson: How To Change Your Life Path
Daren Thompson: Step By Step Guided Meditation
Daren Thompson: Best Online Life Coaching
Daren Thompson: Best health coach
Daren Thompson: get a personalised diet plan
ArtFan70: Journey
RPhotos2008: Sankofa & Crepe Myrtles
RPhotos2008: Sankofa & Okra
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grafxmangrafxman: IMG_3439
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_3438
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_3437
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_3436