lihue1946: Bison. Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.
brucefinocchio: Bull Elk Bugling On The Bench Above The Gardner River
agnish.dey: Road Crossing
KPortin: Cabin Creek Cabin
agnish.dey: The Dark Knight Rises
Shannon Rose O'Shea: Dream big
Gabriel Gabi: _MG_4820
agnish.dey: Phantom of the North
udbluehens (1,000,000): Yellowstone National Park
craig goettsch: Elegance in motion
Renee Lund: Forever Watchful
V.C. Wald: Berry Creek Fire, lingering effects
V.C. Wald: Mimmulus Pools
V.C. Wald: Red-breasted nuthatch
agnish.dey: Queen of the Tetons
Renee Lund: Black Pool of Yellowstone
bwillford: Geyser Basin Sunrise
bwillford: Grand Canyon of Yellowstone Lower Falls Sunset
Renee Lund: Elk on the Edge of Yellowstone Lake
agnish.dey: Great Grey Portrait.
V.C. Wald: Steaming vents, west edge of West Thumb Geyser Basin
V.C. Wald: Sunbeams in the steam
V.C. Wald: Steaming mud cones
V.C. Wald: Serenity in the mist
Eyes of sky: 524. Dawn at Hayden Valley Yellowstone River
agnish.dey: The Hunt is On.
Photomatt28: Baby Bison in Snow
Photomatt28: Pronghorn Antelope Battle in Snow
Mike Ensley: The Call