Don Burkett: Stillwater Covered Bridge
Don Burkett: Stillwater Covered Bridge
tantonr: Prague - The City with the Most(s)
Alan C of Marion,IN: IN, Poe-Marion Center Road Steel Bridge
ihatetotravel: New Gorge 1 Coastal Landscape Near St. Mary's Chapel, Crosskirk, Caithness, Highlands, Scotland.
RdeUppsala: Uppsala
Meteorry: Nesciobrug - Amsterdam (Netherlands)
tmr_flickr2009: Lonely Walkers. Ontario Place, Toronto
CWhatPhotos: A day out, a walk around Sacriston.
Byrnzie500: Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge (南京长江大桥)
B.Toronto: P9094288
phil_king: Regent's Canal - London - UK
jack cottone: DSC_3154 On the Robert Moses Bridge, viewing the Robert Moses Obelisk reposted. Double click photo to view the stone Memorials around this Obelisk traffic circle.
tmr_flickr2009: Riverside Bridge. "The river I step in is not the river I stand in".
crashcalloway: Bridge In The Middle Of Nowhere
Kris Davies (megara_rp): Edstone Footbridge 57, Stratford Canal, Bearley
Yves Kéroack: Pont ferroviaire Laurier, Montréal
320-ROC: Three Sisters of Pittsburgh
lukedrich_photography: Grossmünster
EmperorNorton47: Mount Desert Narrows Bridge
Don Burkett: Patterson Covered Bridge
stevensiegel260: Pulaski Skyway 106
Seth Gaines: Pont Saint Thomas Strasbourg3
Seth Gaines: Pont Saint Thomas Strasbourg2
Seth Gaines: Pont Saint Thomas Strasbourg
Kev Slade Too: 159005, South West Trains, Saltford, Somerset
Ken S Three: The Golden Gate Bridge
Alexander Dülks: Takes its toll.