Sandysphotos2009: DSCN6152 .....A storm was about to hit and the horses were running. When I left they were still out in the pasture with lightning. They were in the corral next to the barn when I first came and I figured they were safer not by the metal barn.
Mike Podrasky's photography: Juvenile Bald Eagle snagging a fish....
Fritz Zachow: Roter Sichler .......
kh goldphoto: Borna - Breiter Teich
Kevin Wharton / Instagram: Does my bum look big in this...
Johann de Jager (Mzansi): World Lion Day - 10th August
Fritz Zachow: Europäischer Seeadler .....
Timo Airaksinen: Osprey with two salmons
Timo Airaksinen: Brown bear, midnight walker
Alberto Grau: Iceland horse
Fritz Zachow: Europäische Wildkatze
brian.jones524: Have Them
Johann de Jager (Mzansi): Don't mess with me!
Fritz Zachow: Der junge Polarwolf ......
Kevin Wharton / Instagram: Charlie in his curious mode
Timo Airaksinen: Ospreys July 20. Pohtiolampi, Finland
Cloudtail the Snow Leopard: Hartmann's mountain zebra
Kevin Wharton / Instagram: Charlie on his grass fill
surlesailesdumonde: Le gardien