Irishgooner: Renvyle Strand, Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland
grobigrobsen: As smooth as glass
Eye of Brice Retailleau: Clouds in the Making
Eye of Brice Retailleau: Suburbs of Hvítserkur
trojanhorse1956: Botallick
wingerjohanne: The weather has been so bad, so I haven't been to the fjord in a while. Yesterday I went to see if it still was there. It was, but the colors were gone. I saw them in the clouds where they were playing hide and seek..
Keith Chamberlin: The Squam River
Keith Chamberlin: Squam River Ashland,NH
klh1332: Take It Outside
Jasongalotti: My view this morning.
Eye of Brice Retailleau: A Tame Fjord Never Laid a Wild Egg
Eye of Brice Retailleau: The Trench Connection
awanglilin4: NightFall
awanglilin4: NightFall
awanglilin4: NightFall
Lewis_Hurley: Sundown At Saxilby
trojanhorse1956: Moods of the Moor
elenashen5: Sun reflection on icy pond
angelinas: taking a winter stroll
Ryan SS Photography: Fall leaves
magneroed: SAM_3152
pam's pics-: The Solitary Tree
pam's pics-: Reflections In An Iowa Pond
Eye of Brice Retailleau: Etretat, the Two Towers