xam-pirineu: Church of Santa Maria del Mar, the interior of the building is structured in three naves of similar height in which there are numerous chapels, but an almost total absence of visual obstacles, two peculiarities of the Catalan Gothic style.
rabe.corvus: Digger Wasp (Cerceris rybyensis) - Bienenjagende Knotenwespe
DaveKav: Pulteney Weir and Bridge, Bath
Dick DB: Alice in Wonderland 1 (Amanita phalloides)
xam-pirineu: Puerta de Europa Bridge, is a bascule bridge that is part of the infrastructures and facilities of the Port of Barcelona. It was inaugurated in June 2000, after a year of work.
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xam-pirineu: Sunset of fire
xam-pirineu: Avant-garde shopping center by the sea, open every day of the year, with shops and restaurants (Barcelona).
Pak T: 2018.08.10-20.48.41
LezFoto: PA290046
ISOZPHOTO: Sonnenuntergang über dem IJsselmeer 3
DaveKav: Sunrise at the Scarborough Spa
 Peter: Autumnal panorama at the Sirio lake
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Daniele Ripa: Misterè
amarinoliver: Sanxenxo al amanecer (Sanxenxo Upraising)
vodophoto's images: Fall Fishing
Monday Morning Photography: Frozen before Turn
DaveKav: Sunrise at the Scarborough Spa
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Ken Whittle: _6290175_RE
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daniaebi: Spiel mit Kugeln im Herbstlaub - 18-10-20 -01