Joan Scher: Curlicues
Wuzbug: We have long eared bats flying over the garden this year. Ballpoint pin sketch, by jmsw, on recycled card. Only on this site, just for Fun.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Frumpy Fronts.
Wuzbug: Wool in a Basket. Polychromos Pencil drawing by jmsw on white card. Last stage.
Hugues Folloppe: Le figuier. (The fig tree)
Wuzbug: My poor version, after looking at the work of Vermeer. Polychromos Pencil drawing by jmsw highlights in Gouache on white card. Just for Fun.
Pléyades22: Juan Ramón Jiménez
Steve.D.Hammond.: Dubious Mice.
Wuzbug: Last stage, of a study of. A Girl With A Pearl Earring. By Johannes Vermeer. A version by jmsw in Polychromos coloured pencil on white card.
wystemd: Faoer Islands
Pléyades22: Miguel de Unamuno
lwdphoto: Portrait Practice 10 26 20
Steve.D.Hammond.: Sanity Kills Creativity.
Wuzbug: Autumn Sunlight. Polychromos Pencil drawing by jmsw. Last stage of 3.
Steve.D.Hammond.: Rapturous Field.
Wuzbug: Portrait of Tamara de Lempicka, Polish Painter. 1898-1980. Pencil drawing by jmsw.
Wuzbug: Jenkins asleep on the carpet now. Polychromos Pencil sketch by jmsw on card.
lwdphoto: KS Kids
Pléyades22: Ortega y Gasset
Jeff in St Kilda: Fun collage
Wuzbug: Jenkins waiting for his Supper, before going outside. Polychromos Pencil drawing by jmsw .
Pléyades22: Venecia
Wuzbug: Spirit of Ecstasy. Bonnet Ornament Sculpture. Coloured pencil drawing on black card by jmsw,highlights in Gouache. Last stage of 3.
Jeff in St Kilda: Lignum Angelus
Steve.D.Hammond.: Gaudy Writer.
ianulimac: Inktober day 17 "Storm"