Ishmaanay: Oriental Common Sergeant - Athyma perius perius
-jon: 2013-10-15 Double-crested Cormorant KM9 (04) (1024x680)
Melnee Benfield: golden leaves
Tigerhase.: Mountain Cows
dgangle: Wood Duck Drake - in flight
frank.kocsis1: Bald Eagle - Adult 8719
Philip Rathner: This Spiny Orb-weaver spider is spinning it's web! You can see the silk coming out of it's spinneret!
rumerbob: Tropical Night-flowering Waterlily 10 .
Fred Roe: Into the dark
Northwest Lovers: California Coast at Pacific Grove, August 2021 (explored)
Hilary Bralove: The road to never ending beauty..
spicysquid1: Bulbul with Fruit !
Photos By JM: Mount Raptor
dwb838: Bull moose coming out of water with mist from air breathed out
craigrdaffin: Pinwheel flowers
Lindell Dillon: Running his scrapeline
Ezzo33: Martin-pêcheur d'Europe ..Alcedo atthis
Lucas de Ciria: Ciervo de los Pantanos ♂ (Blastocerus dichotomus)
wildliferbru: IMGL7400
wildliferbru: IMGL7377
cbrozek21: Jungle along Río Napo from the tree canopy tower at Sacha Lodge, Ecuador.
miguel.discart: 2021-10-03_15-07-18_ILCE-7C_DSC06666_DxO
2 in the bush.: Buzzard.
Coquine!: Magic Light
Coquine!: Prickly Sheep
Coquine!: Salad Tree
kexi: two tits
mkopack: Carolina chickadee