Hank888: Mt Rundle from the Vermillion Lakes
Jim Zenock: _MG_1281_DxO-005
lubys2: Lake Minnewanka.
kensparksphoto: Autumn City View
itspoots: Lake Louise
VinceTraveller: Kayaks waiting to be paddled
Hank888: Wind Turbines
Hank888: Kananaskis Lower Lake
Jim Zenock: _MG_1216_DxO
lubys2: Lake Minnewanka
cbayley00: Vision Quest Panorama
Monika Deviat Photography: Steve Meets Chephren
Hank888: Horse Shoe Canyon
pmvarsa: Bow River, Low Water
Hank888: Crowfoot Mountain and Bow lake
Hank888: Lake Agnes
wl_cooke: Wabamum Lake boardwalk
k.cluchey: Parts of a Whole
K.R. Alexander: October 25, 2020, -20 degrees!
Hank888: Crowfoot Mountain
Jim Zenock: _MG_1242_DxO-001
Hank888: Horse Shoe Canyon
Hank888: Horse Shoe Canyon
Emory's photos: Bassano Dam1
geelog: Fish Creek
kencrebbin: Northerner lights (from our cabin)
k.cluchey: Decades Later
davebloggs007: Nature reclaims it all in the end