geogblog2: A Quiet Morning in Lajedo [1:40 mins]
geogblog2: Laundry Day in Lajedo
geogblog2: Wet Volcanic Island [2:12 mins]
Don Mosher Photography: A Minute Of Serenity (Turn the volume up on this one.)
geogblog2: Bonanza Beach
geogblog2: Carnival in Trieste
geogblog2: Pico da Casinha: Landscape of extinct volcanic cones
geogblog2: Pico da Casinha: mountain stream
geogblog2: Hiatus Brass
geogblog2: Stormy Waters
geogblog2: Stormy Weather [47 secs]
geogblog2: Moinho River
geogblog2: Searching for the hens
geogblog2: Island of Monchique
geogblog2: Albernaz Lighthouse
geogblog2: Remember Summer? August 2019 in Moorefield Ontario
geogblog2: Stormy Day, Volcanic Shore [1:35 mins]
NebraskaSC (Spring time in Tornado Alley): 040621 - 1st Slight Risk Chase Day
geogblog2: Dirty Dishes
Don Mosher Photography: Playing All That Jazz
geogblog2: Cattle
geogblog2: Poppies
geogblog2: Transit Theme: Ossington Avenue
geogblog2: Postcards from Santa Cruz [1:24 mins]
John D Fielding: Eaton Park Rose Garden aerial spin
geogblog2: Flores island: cattle behind the hotel
geogblog2: Flores Island: the Atlantic
geogblog2: Flight to Flores
Ioan BACIVAROV Photography: VIDEO: Ancient Romanian folk traditions: the Bear dance
NebraskaSC (Spring time in Tornado Alley): 040521 Nebraska Thunderset Sunset Video