aestheticsofcrisis: Cats against cops I
aestheticsofcrisis: Cats against cops II
aestheticsofcrisis: Peace in the Balkans + Class war everywhere
aestheticsofcrisis: Petralona buff
aestheticsofcrisis: We will infect the city with the germs of freedom
aestheticsofcrisis: Fight Borders
aestheticsofcrisis: Stencils & tags
aestheticsofcrisis: I like money
aestheticsofcrisis: Graffiti is life / Selective buff
aestheticsofcrisis: Cat Dog / Selective buff
aestheticsofcrisis: Jo Kris, I'm going to move to Athens, are you coming along?
aestheticsofcrisis: 1 ¥URO :(
aestheticsofcrisis: Oneliner
aestheticsofcrisis: Makrigianni Buff
aestheticsofcrisis: Décollage dans l'espace
aestheticsofcrisis: 1 ¥URO :(
drew*in*chicago: Escape Tunnel #elee
drew*in*chicago: E_Lee #roadrunner #wileecoyote
drew*in*chicago: Lavergne