akarakoc: Exploring Zürich
Baptiste Jésu: Roue de fortune
.Jot.: They're Coming
Croix-roussien: Eye of the tiger
fame&obscurity: Dubrovnik Stradun
Croix-roussien: The blue door
tiexano: Alleyway in Goslar
Pureo: To the Pub (Explored-Thank you )
Pureo: Shelter on Church Street
Croix-roussien: Here she comes
Croix-roussien: Nature on sale
ozchris2: mermaid street
SamyColor: Calle Cristo
OutdoorMonkey: Down to the harbour
unclebobjim: Typical Gamla Stan Summer Day
unclebobjim: I Have No Idea !!
Croix-roussien: Garage du Palais : no more problem with your car
ozchris2: Down Mermaid St
eveyrae: travels, cobblestones.
jerseytom55: Hi Line-6
SamyColor: Hojas Y Adoquines (Cobblestones & Leaves)
unclebobjim: Gåsgränd - Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Croix-roussien: Raval district in Barcelona
unclebobjim: Trädgårdstvärgränd, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
unclebobjim: The King's Palace, Gamla Stan, Stockholm
Croix-roussien: Biking in the city
JEFF CARR IMAGES: Warburton Street
Thomas Grascoeur: Autre ruelle
Towner Images: Wapping Quay warehouse, Wapping Dock, Liverpool