Merrillie: Rural countryside with large hill and goats
Grenzeloos1: Pie Town
Markus Branse: Edith Falls Road
Bluden1: Stop Racism NOW
Bluden1: Different Directions
LJMcK: St John's Church, Parish of Croajingalong
RS 1990: Scania Bus 1117 (27/53)
express000: 00757 (871) 22-03-1970 of Single truck trams 7 and 21 passing in Pall Mall as bogie tram 2 crosses in Mitchell Street, Charing Cross, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
ree-aust: Hornby Lighthouse
express000: 00901 (872) 01-01-1972 of State Electricty Commission of Victoria, single truck tram 21 passing bogie tram 18 in McCrae Street at Tramways Avenue, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
Ref54: Garden beauty
RS 1990: My 2021 Adelaide Fringe Poster Design Entry!
e0nn: Time Immemorial...
pombat: Maroon dam
Ebroh: Birchgrove
Ebroh: A blossoms
Ebroh: Sydney Seaplanes' Cessna Caravan C208, VH-SXF 'Corsair'
Ebroh: Holey shell
Ebroh: ex-HMAS Onslow on her way back to Australian National Maritime Museum after spell in Captain Cook Graving Dock & Polaris Marine tugs Leveret, Rhum Matilda and Skeeta attending
John from Brisbane: Winter westerlies.
Cranamanor13: 4th July (3 of 11)
Dreaming of the Sea: Coonarr Beach 4th July 2020
Gazman_AU: plenty of sun and rain
Gazman_AU: tree bloom