TinPebble: Gateway to the Horizon
Robert Lio: Temecula Wine Country
Nigel Turner: Sunset Over Central London, from Point Hill, Greenwich
Andrea D'Angiolo: Surfing on the sea in Marina di Pietrasanta - Versilia - Tuscany - Italy
Andre56154: IMG_8718-1
Lee Markowitz: Lake Erie Fun
S_Sotomonte: Alesund 1 - Norway
NormJ.8126: Stuck in a tree
Sir-Bernard: DSC00273
Snapdragon1959: The Age of Aquarius.
KyllerCG: Açude Velho
KyllerCG: Sunset @Lajedo de Pai Mateus
KyllerCG: Amphitheater point
KyllerCG: Treasure Island
NormJ.8126: You CAN'T touch it...YET!
jesse_alrys: BEACH SUNSET
Scott Eriksen: Sunset at Panther Beach
mb.graphx: Before the Sunrise
Lukasz_1984: Santorini
Jo.Outdoors: Be Back Soon, I Promise
ladyelfsnapshots: Battered Aermotor Sunset
Creamy Pet: ONCE UPON A TIME------------
ruacdearg: Sun setting over Cobh town
Arttu Uusitalo: Cracked ice
TinPebble: Canada Place
Andrea D'Angiolo: Palme al tramonto sulla spiaggia di Marina di Pietrasanta in Versilia
Nilstapix: Mountain view
cienne45: Solar radiation
KyllerCG: Açude Velho