randyherring: Duck Chasing Ducks
Traud: MVI_0318 Christmas Song "O du fröhliche"
misi212: Fireworks
framat: 190818-Svanar
misi212: Dance
misi212: Indian Dance
wessexman...(Mike): The sound of Fife and drums.
spratpics: Let's Dance! - Chris Montez (Walker Remix)
framat: 190809-Gladiolus
David M:: Weybourne beach
David M:: Wiveton Hall
moonjazz: All Souls Together We Are One, A Music Video Celebration of Love
this isn't right you know?: mr meow mow - big silly
spratpics: Mammoet! - Paul Walker (Rock Music Video)
framat: 888888-Longwings copulation / Perl-amour
bob the builder of luv: crab experiment 1
mimitalks, married, under grace: An Open Heart or 42 seconds of pure fun
spratpics: Sun Gulls - Paul Walker
jamesxyz2: Wildlife on a Trail Cam
jamesxyz2: Happy Feet Two-
jamesxyz2: Les Champs Elysees
jamesxyz2: New Zealand Glaciers
framat: 190804-Svanar
misi212: Indian Dances
spratpics: Hot-Blooded Killer (Extended Mix) - Paul Walker
Y*** O****: Dancing On The Moon - 50th anniversary Apollo 11
bob the builder of luv: conversation perplexation
bob the builder of luv: ghost dance final 1