Pantchoa: Edinburgh / Palace of Holyroodhouse / Private Garden / Holyrood Abbey
chatka2004: DSC03660
chatka2004: DSC03639
Kasabox: The lighthouse jumper
((((((())))))): sunset in the Gulf of Mexico
margot 52: Contano i legami
giovannicampus: immigration man
Pantchoa: Edinburgh / View through the window John Knox's House
Giuliana 57: La Famiglia dei Ciciu
giovannicampus: An Intimate Evening of Songs and Stories : Graham Nash
Jolivillage: Burano
giovannicampus: eremo di Monte Siepi
Kasabox: Cuevas con sorpresa
giovannicampus: dopo una giornata di duro lavoro // after a day of hard work
Jean Paul Renais: Cuitadella - Minorque - Îles Baléares - Espagne Glas fascade Nò: 22
giovannicampus: proteggiamo le api // we protect the bees
giovannicampus: contrattazione // negotiation
Dr. Mike Caudle: Beautiful Bethel
Dr. Mike Caudle: On the River Walk, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Mike Caudle: The MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in NYC
((((((())))))): May 26th, 2019 - Red River Gorge
Pantchoa: Edinburgh Castle
chatka2004: Manche, saint-Vaast-La-Hougue
Jean Paul Renais: Port Mahon - Minorque - Espagne
margot 52: "Nessuno mi pettina bene come il vento"
Jolivillage: Anghiari
Pantchoa: Edinburgh / Holyrood Palace / No tourists : Queen's day