jdyf333: Microwave Buddha
Warholy: Sinking In The Sun
Izzyexile: Sunshine songstress 2
Warholy: Nikon F/Double Exposure
lizardking_cda: "You'll shine like gold in the air of summer"
jdyf333: Congregation of the Acid-Colored Shapes
Bear Country Studio: wolf claw and onyx pendant
Warholy: Mama's Trip
Warholy: Penny Mama/Fujicolor C200
Warholy: Ave Maria
jdyf333: TripGlobes
Jazmin Million: Pink Chemo
Jazmin Million: Organic Mother's Milk
justplainrachel: Frocktober 2019 - Frock Five
jdyf333: Psychedelicyber Mandala
Warholy: Nikon F/Double Exposure
Warholy: Penny Lannah/Canon AE-1
jdyf333: Grinning Through the Patterns
jdyf333: AcidBird
jdyf333: Old WhimsyBird Head
Bear Country Studio: cougar claw set in sterling silver