ferlomu: Cáceres -valle Jerte -rosas_2
mark1973r: Best buds
Susan Kitchell: Backlit peony, exercise on lighting.
Charlie 李: 山城暮色(Night fall Shihjhou )。
The Shy Photographer (Timido): Nothing is ever easy in life
Pucci Sauro: Maratona di Firenze 2018
ferlomu: Almazán (Soria) 27 Puerta del Mercado
` Toshio ': Barbados sunset
Insher: Going to heaven with black magic
Insher: Ca'Mocenigo room
Andrea Moscato: Lago Toggia - Alta Val Formazza (Italy)
Changer * Make an instant for the eternal: Danaus genutia . 黑 脈 樺 斑 蝶 . 1682
Andrea Moscato: Itsukushima Floating Torii Sunset - Miyajima Island (Japan)
Andreas Komodromos: Cityscape - The Vessel #7, New York City
RuudMorijn-NL: Hay in long rows
RuudMorijn-NL: Stacked rectangular bales of hay
a0931342819: DSC_1292_00001~寫意夏日
a0931342819: DSC_1544_00001~潮與旭
caro-jon-son: Plymouth Barbican
Pucci Sauro: Eroica 2018
Heide56: Natur
mark1973r: Hotwheels.....Porsche racing
The Shy Photographer (Timido): Love me forever or not at all
Andrea Moscato: Piana del Devero - Parco Naturale Alpe Devero (Italy)