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Tom_bal: Keep Calm and fly Kubicek
klaesi: über Bern
Tom_bal: Cameron Balloons O-56 G-CKAD
chrysanyo: SE-ZEI at Chambley (F) 2001 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZEV at Luxembourg (LX) 1992 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZEZ at Chambley (F) 1993 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZHU at Luxembourg (LX) 1993 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZVU at Lorraine (F) 1991 (scan)
littlebiddle: And the cow jumped over the moon!
Matt Sudol: Cameron Z-105 Balloon
Tom_bal: G-ROBX Cameron Balloons sport-80
paulaalbert63: Variety of colors
chrysanyo: SE-ZCI at Luxembourg (LX) 1993 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZCK at Lorraine (F) 1989 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZCT at Ashton Court 1998 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZDE at Oswestery 1988 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZEH at Luxembourg (LX) 1992 (scan)
jhellender: DSC_3275_
jhellender: DSC_2863_
Tom_bal: Cameron Balloons O-31
Tom_bal: Cameron balloons
chrysanyo: SE-ZBN at Ashton Court 1987 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZBO at Balleroy (F) 1987 (scan)
chrysanyo: SE-ZBU at Luxembourg (LX) 1993 (scan)