kasio69: 2019-12-06_09-20-29
madstinger: The pose
Maxi del Campo: Margot - Foto Margot Sowinska.
auredeso: Valencia
Ma_Ding_: 340/365/2019
Rolf-Schweizer: Broken Ice
madstinger: Sunset at Port Gruz, Dubrovnik
Ma_Ding_: 339/365/2019
madstinger: People overview
Rolf-Schweizer: Twilight
madstinger: Overhead view
Rolf-Schweizer: Silent Water
auredeso: Valencia
Ma_Ding_: 337/365/2019
Massimo Usai Photography: When we let go, our arms are open, but our hearts are exposed and weak
l'amoureux de la nature: Moment de détente
kasio69: Yangtze River Cruise
Ma_Ding_: 333/365/2019
Rolf-Schweizer: The Long and Winding Life
kasio69: Yangtze River Cruise
Ma_Ding_: 332/365/2019
Rolf-Schweizer: This Game of Life
kimp1509/ Kim Petersen: Three men playing cards, Toorji Ka Jhalra, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India
Ma_Ding_: 331/365/2019
madstinger: On the steps
Rolf-Schweizer: The Last Green Things from this Year