dawn.tranter: ..I love the stream of life that has led me to you..
Costel Photography: 2019-11-13_02-09-47
_ SZS _: Winter is coming
_ SZS _: Details
dawn.tranter: ..lightness of being..
ZazaLake: Bokeh red small fruits in autumn, green leaves of garden plants
Darko Jantula: IMGP3844
CécileAF: Notre lumière fut, est, et sera
Costel Photography: 2019-11-11_12-52-09
eberhardwild: VOIGTLÄNDER COLOR-ULTRON 1,8/50
dawn.tranter: ..escape from your bubble and reflect on it all..
günter mengedoth: Die Farben des Herbstes 2
Costel Photography: 2019-11-09_03-50-14
A.van Lomwel: Slats under a mushroom
Costel Photography: 2019-11-08_01-47-37
Clém VDB / Tiogris: Collier de Corail
Ievgenii Lisnichenko: Pillow Meadows
Costel Photography: 2019-11-05_02-24-59
Costel Photography: 2019-11-03_05-58-58
Ashish Daga: Between the high-rise strands lies a world unknown to the naked eyes. I wish I could miniaturise myself to explore the beautiful world that awaits me.
dawn.tranter: close your eyes, blow, make a wish..
LuckyMeyer: Makro
Costel Photography: 2019-11-01_06-19-00
Ringwald Péter: Colors of october