Duck 1966: What we would like next
Nedatrenes: Labacengos
kgvuk: BMR 96308crbw
skur_s72: Sutomore railway station
Nedatrenes: Parga
kgvuk: BMR 86881bwcr
BarkingBill: Stourbridge Junction
BarkingBill: Hold Tight
yeahwotever: Up and Away.
yeahwotever: On a mission.
yeahwotever: Tender 35-40
yeahwotever: Airman.
yeahwotever: The Climb Down.
David Rostance: Matlock, Derbyshire, October 2019
BarkingBill: Tamworth Low Level
David Rostance: Gare de Vienne, May 2017
BarkingBill: Gloucester
Nedatrenes: Campomanes
dlanor smada: Volunteer
David Rostance: 47585, Llandudno, September 1989
Nedatrenes: San Esteban de Pravia
Nedatrenes: Nueva pasarela
BarkingBill: Worcester Foregate Street
David Rostance: 43106, Bridgnorth, September 1980
David Rostance: Steamtown, Carnforth, March 1978
David Rostance: 46049, Birmingham, November 1981
David Rostance: Bridgnorth Shed, June 1978
David Rostance: Carriage cleaners at Bridgnorth, June 1978
David Rostance: Guard gives the "Right away"
BarkingBill: Burton-on-Trent