Happy Snapper 61: It's a hard life being a goat
Acadia3D: Mr. Nibbles and Zipper 3D Crossview
Acadia3D: Goat Trio 3D Crossview
roli_b: goats Ziegen on Monte Generoso Ticino Switzerland
roli_b: Mouflon / Mufflon / ovis musimon Switzerland
SMS Photographic: the girls
sstavsky: Ready for His Close-Up
Acadia3D: Zipper
Lonly Goat: 20190221_150341
Lonly Goat: 20190221_152450
Lonly Goat: 20190221_152512
Lonly Goat: 20190221_153556
Me/. Myself and I: On the run
Me/. Myself and I: Just Kidding
sstavsky: Goats Butting Heads (and a Couple of Bystanders)
Lonly Goat: 20190214_114955-1
Happy Snapper 61: A fine pair of Billy goats
PentlandPirate of the North: I don't know why goats look at me this way
sstavsky: Goat Waiting Patiently for Feed
Lonly Goat: 20190207_135639
humorineverysense: For once I would like to be in the Goats boots :P
thobern1: ZwischenZiegen zwischen Niebelsbach und Ellmendingen....
thobern1: Zwischen Niebelsbach und Ottenhausen....