wwnorm: leaf study
Manx John: Banded Demoiselle - Calopteryx splendens
Dalantech: Emerging European Blue Mason Bee II
Fred Roe: Out of the darkness
simple.joy: Ahem… I think you missed the point!
alanharris5: Head of 3mm long Cereal Beetle - Oulema melanopus
Dalantech: Water Drops on a DVD
Aves Lux: Daisy
marcol-04: végétal
Seven Story Photography: Dozens Of Spider Feet...But Not Really
Patrick.Raymond (8M views): Iris de mon jardin, DSC_5563hdr2
Dalantech: Pollen Covered Solitary Bee
TAKER SMERNAS: 360 vision...
fabianvol: IMG_9048
Lani Elliott: Bee Fly Sprinkled with Gold Dust in its Hair
JS_NZ: 20220118-Bug
Johann de Jager (Mzansi): RSA 1977 Stamps
Seven Story Photography: Lots Of Little Yellow Things
Lani Elliott: Furry Aussie Fauna
Patrick.Raymond (8M views): Fleur de prunier, 31
MDallavara: frost
Mikasper: Calopteryx splendens (caloptéryx splendide)
dawnstephensborg: Macro mushroom
Seven Story Photography: Eggplant In Blue
Manx John: The heart of the matter
Lani Elliott: Sweet Nectar for a Common Brown Butterfly
dawnstephensborg: Life on a leaf
alanharris5: Face of a female cluster fly-1-3
Seven Story Photography: Purple Overwhelming Green