Franck N: Cefalù... Sicile..
fallsroad: rusty escape
burton_michel: Le rendez-vous de 9 h 00
au35: Butinage
Ageeth van Geest: One day I'll fly..
dorofoto: Transforming the present into the past and the past into pastness
Artfolc: Repeticions
AlmightyWorm: Wavy Greens
tetedelart1855: Early morning on the banks of Marne River. 5km from Paris
Claudio Verna: San Bernolfo's Lake
sonstroem: Colorful Dark
Gerry@RT ~ THANK YOU: Time to relax...
bioprof52: Arcadia Lake at sunset, Arcadia, MI
Mindo_: Steeps
BelSoq: en culture, moissonnée, labourée......
ian._harris: Fallow Deer
Masters Art: ~~~O~~~
eduard43: IMG_20190825_094607
S-Antibes: Eilendorf - am Knopp
Johntasaurus: Glistening February
Jaco Verheul: Riva del Garda
juri_kid_a: un romantico a milano (scozia 03)
danw11: Waiting
eleclorente: Acacias Noche 24-08-2019
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): Hiding - Snowy egret (Egretta thula), Reid Park, Tucson, Jan 2016
Kalahari Pete: Tamboti cat
JAYKAY144: SOFIA 2019 . PM HDR bkt5 (#01 in series) Sofia Bulgaria 25Aug2019 sRGB web