whymcycles: Old inside out, new ok Hoosiers both.
whymcycles: Axel to Axel link for car rim mount
whymcycles: WWII vintage Kelly Field building or vehicle tag?
whymcycles: 1970 VW Stubby stretch ramp truck
whymcycles: Melted/blistered name tag from 1973 Larchmart market fire
whymcycles: Bounce For Glory Runs the dune from Manila, CA
whymcycles: Dodge Hubcab from Eel River auto reef
sovraskin: Wooden church near Moscow
sovraskin: Suburban train station near Moscow / Станция Мытищи
sovraskin: rural streets near Moscow
Ellie Ellis: The Iron Lung
whymcycles: Jasper V. Goodman's amazing mobile machine shop Honorable mention
whymcycles: Jasper Goodman's Cushman Mobile machine shop
shera0407: Scanned Section 4-8
sovraskin: на раёне / on the hood
sovraskin: Мытищи, привокзальная площадь / Market square near railway station / Moscow
sovraskin: Snow abstract
sovraskin: Менделеевская / Moscow metro, Mendeleev station
gerritdevinck: DSCF7334_framed (1)
gerritdevinck: Bicycle in Paris