delesalle: Oh no, not this again!
Wanderbarepfade: Saufjelllet
homesickATLien: Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
delesalle: Grizzly Cub
Bam Boozelled Photography & Design: Peaceful Morning In The Creek
Bam Boozelled Photography & Design: Secrets Around Every Bend
delesalle: Coyote
delesalle: yellow-headed Blackbird
delesalle: Takakkaw Falls
delesalle: Great Blue Heron
delesalle: Cascade Mountain, Banff Alberta
delesalle: killdeer
delesalle: Bull Elk ready for battle
cj_mcmeowin: Slow Summer
cj_mcmeowin: September 2nd
delesalle: Western Toad at Sunshine Coast
delesalle: Trumpeter Swan
Graziano A: Sunrays before the storm
delesalle: Black Oystercatcher
delesalle: Great Blue Heron
jasoux: Photographed at Goat Pass hut, Arthur's Pass National Park, New Zealand
jasoux: Auto exposure double self portrait in front of Mount Harper
Giovanna Lorusso: Good morning, Sun
delesalle: Bull Elk among the daisies.
delesalle: Columbian Ground Squirrel
jasoux: Trees and sky visual ambience