Nocturnal Kansas: Tail of a Tale
@VanveenJF: ...hiding in the dark...
Hunter's Photo Page: ...and a hard place
seasonoftowers: Andromeda galaxy - taken with a Canon T7i at ISO 800 on an Omegon Minitrack lx2, Asahi Takumar 135mm f2.5 at f4 lens. 50 frames of 60s, no flats. Processed in Pixinsight, details to follow :)
Steve W3: Storm at Dee Why
Comiccreator24: The Flying J
super*dave: Cedar Falls
rusTsky: RUS73011 - The Charm of Antiquity
Lukasz Lukomski: Sakrisoy
EvenHarbo: Long exposure
Ken Lee Photography: When Half is Whole
P.E.T. shots: the stand... bw -4901-2
Zeb Andrews: Slightly underexposed enlightenment
pixelia2: Rester là.
davyvanloon Photography: Skyline of Rotterdam
Emykla: La mia barca già indica la direzione...
Future-Echoes: Rydal Beck
Grille1991: Dalben
Robin Shepperson: Collapse of Morality
Ken Lee Photography: Air Romania
P.E.T. shots: the lookout... rs-
Nocturnal Kansas: Top Of The Pass