Bob Duck: Puppy with a sweet tooth
ppodaras40: IMG_0593 - A3BE2E75-B8DF-4720-9F45-7772DDB3F997
ppodaras40: Artie at Avilla Beach
Jon in Thailand: ,, Mama In the Sky ,,
C.S. Bloom: Fujifilm GFX 50R - Angie in Carl Schurz Park Jan 2020 selections-10
sabinebeu: Foggy.
Jon in Thailand: ,, "A Dog Story" - Hell From Above ! ,,
neukomment: Our Sweetheart
saorsaalbaphotography: Dog on Golden Scottish Beach
Jon in Thailand: ,, Please Help Us ,,
olddog99: Tekah Morning
olddog99: Tekah this morning.
Vinny Gragg: Wizard World Comic Con 2018
olddog99: Leo Magnus Up
C.S. Bloom: Fujifilm GFX 50R - 1st shots _DSF5666
michellefedosoff: Rainbow pooch
michellefedosoff: Black lab
michellefedosoff: It's all good
olddog99: Tekah
olddog99: Tekah Up Four
atlas-fotografie: Schnute Lizzy
Renee Rendler-Kaplan: He’s an old boy now...
Gary K. Mann: ‘JOEY’
sabinebeu: Colourful.
mmmyoso: Playtime at the beach - Tel Aviv
neukomment: Shadow of the Dog
neukomment: She's a Lady
mmmyoso: Look who’s on our flight from Marseille