Small and Beautiful: Autumn killed the summer . . .
carole_dowd: Carole Week 43
wbhmatthies: milkweed with grasses, at dawn, 10-12-19
Fred Roe: Unwelcome visitor
Faiz (Faizan): The falling fog BVG_4736 BVG_4719 BVG_4710 BVG_4707 BVG_4694 BVG_4689
Josep M.Torrents: Menemerus semilimbatus B&W
Olivier Brosseau: Sauterelle verte
animalisterra: This is MY flower
Small and Beautiful: Golden Summer
Fred Roe: Slaty Skimmer [Libellula incesta]
Wim van Bezouw: Just the three of us,...
Autiste Redding: Tiny leaves
Picture-Perfect Pixels: Arbutus bark beauty.
Yongi Ng: Planthopper nymph with fiber optic-looking tails
Street Parrot: southern green stink bug
wbhmatthies: milkweed, at dawn, 10-12-19
Caramosca: Plume moth
Sinnassamy ( Michel ) Louis: Honeybee / Abeille domestique
evablanchardcouet: Autumn leaf
languitar: Three mushrooms
Small and Beautiful: Leaves on the Rose