FidoPhoto (John McKeen): The Ball Dispute
danielafalkenau: Sonnenaufgang am 04.02.2023
nonkuri1: Shiba Inu
D. Elliott: Bone Share
D. Elliott: Rusty & Jack snuggle
FidoPhoto (John McKeen): In a Hurry Huskies
alessiamonaco.petphotography: Valentine's corgi
Anonymtor: Walking a reluctant dog in a snowstorm
CWhatPhotos: Reg n Ralph, the Golden Labradors. . .
paulinpascal: Mon p‘tit loup ❤️❤️❤️
jb.bonnay: Tahina
TopSausageLobber: Maximum Cuteness
Сhelyuskinets: Wet Dog Portrait
Сhelyuskinets: Wet Snow of Spring
healphotography: 55.8 for a low this morning. Phil saw his shadow today so 6 more weeks of low 80’s. Gotta love Florida
Eric.Ray: gray hat
gswengler: 20230202-_DSC7425-P
alessiamonaco.petphotography: Pepsi - Fillory shelties
jb.bonnay: Narko
FidoPhoto (John McKeen): I Can't Find It! I Can't Find My Ball!
healphotography: 59.1 for a low this morning my. Sunny and warm today
Photo Graf Isozphoto: Im Pfälzer Wald - In the Palatinate Forest
Floating on Air: Leash Laws
Chris Toombes: Dog Walker