hallbæck: 6M7A8383
NomadicPics: Dapto No 2,race 2 at two
Jon in Thailand: ,, On Patrol ,,
fwisneski: Loki and Carbon
goofcitygoof: Dog Day Afternoon
Margi03: _MAR7448
mar off: Gentle giant guarding christmas tree (scanned in from APS film negative).
Thomas Kelly 48: Doggy Paddle
里卡豆: 高雄暖暖蛇|TAMRON 17-28mm f2.8
Jon in Thailand: ,, Blondie ,,
weinermobile: Peanut Butter
atoxtavato: I can smile 2
Tricia H C: Dog Nap
morten f: Brutus
FotoGrazio: Brystle and Zhouqui
goofcitygoof: Bullies of the pug variety
justkim1106: Mowgli at sunset
justkim1106: Mowgli by the water
morten f: Brutus
morten f: Brutus
jta1950: Profile of a Poodle
DaveFlker: Yuki
DaveFlker: Yuki
rich_new_mexico: IMG_5890
Ba®ky: SantaLab
cseager40: Teddy