schegao: Silence - I wonder...
kiev_dinamo: IMG_6859e
schegao: Pastel de Belém and my cup of coffee. Even broken it still with me!
schegao: The beginning - preparing the first day of school
schegao: Sarah Affonso - MNAC / Lisbon: self-portrait
Arup Das: Black winged kite
Mihr*: IMG_0884
Mihr*: IMG_1372
Mihr*: IMG_9393
schegao: when we capture the inside world: Different ages and movements.
Mihr*: DP2M0891
Ramola Paulrajan: I'm busy at the moment...
Alfredo Santamaria: Volcan LLaima a lo lejos
schegao: Vitória - the colors of Friendship
schegao: Vitória - Gasteiz- "Never forget the Joy on the facade of your house"
schegao: A Pause of thought
schegao: Drawing at the museum - Arles
Alfredo Santamaria: Lago Chungará al amanecer
schegao: Bilbao - lines and angles
schegao: Annecy
schegao: Genova in black
schegao: Bilbao
schegao: Bilbao - Guggenheim museum
schegao: Bilbao - never forget
schegao: Bilbao
schegao: Annecy
schegao: Genova
Alfredo Santamaria: Saliendo el sol
schegao: Lucca