miketabak: Snow Buntings on foreshore at Boundary Bay BC
Jean-François Hic: White-eyed Vireo - Vireo griseus
jonathanirons28: White-throated Sparrow
poly_mnia: I carry the Feather of Good Luck...
luis costa: Marrequinha (M)
luis costa: Marrequinha (F)
elbigote1946: The observer
al-ien: Black Crowned Night Heron...Lettuce Lake Park
Vandenis_Pavandenis: Gulbė nebylė - Mute swan - Cygnus olor
atone13: A sitting Fox.
jonathanirons28: House Finch
MoGoutz: Spoonbill
Keshet Kennels & Rescue: Picture of the Day
miketabak: adult Bald Eagle
Sumarie Slabber: Morning Glory
Joseh3029: Fur Ever Friends
jonathanirons28: Northern Cardinal
al-ien: cute couple...
luis costa: Frisada (M)
luis costa: Frisada (F)
Joseh3029: Footprints On Our Hearts
Street Biologist: From the horse's mouth
Polka & Django: DSC_4309-1-2
Muenocchio: Bird with its mouth full of bread - Nymphenburg Park, Munich
will139: Great Blue Heron
jonathanirons28: Carolina Wren
cloudtop2000: Elegant Blue Heron
will139: Green Heron