lowlifeSA: the Port Adelaide train platform has got to be the world's ugliest most horrible wretched public structure ever constructed... typical of SA, it is cheap ugly and restrictive, like a prison
nickant44: Chevrolet c1955
Grenzeloos1: could do with a lick of paint
Grenzeloos1: Logical Unsanity
Sheba_Also 47,000 photos: Motoring back home to Scarborough=
John from Brisbane: No, it’s G for Golf!
John from Brisbane: A sultry day in Brisbane town.
John from Brisbane: Paradise Hi.
AlistairKiwi: java sparrow
AlistairKiwi: sumatran tiger
Ian Ramsay Photographics: The train it's a comin'.
Ian Ramsay Photographics: Buxton or bust.
roentarre: Bridgewater Bay Sunset at Victoria Australia by Leica 8-18mm f2.8-4
Buddy Patrick: Doctor Marshall's & The Opal Shop (Windsor, Brisbane)
JohnJennings995: DSC_0791 ruin, Bramfield, South Australia
JohnJennings995: DSC_0792 ruined farmhouse, nr White Well Road, Birdseye Highway, Polda, South Australia
SemiXposed: Brighton Beach
bitchan: Transition
eggwah123: New Zealand Lake Tekapo
armct: Evening Comes Cloud Settles
RossCunningham183: Dusky Moorhen, Bellambi Lagoon
contemplari1940: Calca District Information Board, beside the Institute/Public Hall, Eyre Peninsula South Australia
contemplari1940: Calca rear view of the Institute built 1912 and the supper room of 1933, Eyre Peninsula South Australia
david m sargeant: leaf litter
contemplari1940: Calca Institute built in 1912 with the supper room on the left built in 1933, Eyre Peninsula South Australia
contemplari1940: Calca foundation stone of the first Institute which was used as a school after the second Institute was built in 1912, Eyre Peninsula South Australia
rob3802: NR25 & NR75
Photoma*: Ceramic tobacco pipe - HMM
david m sargeant: palm light