ysw: Floor tiles
arnoutouthuis: Water bird
arnoutouthuis: Red Cabbage
arnoutouthuis: Escher-ish
_Sarocchia_: ▪ Christmas dress ▪
ysw: Hexamorphosis
ale_beber_origami: "Origami New Worlds" out soon!
_Sarocchia_: Escher_
_Sarocchia_: Escher.
eriban: Escherian Nightmare
eriban: Cube with Magic Ribbons
eriban: Twisted Magic Ring
eriban: Impossible Gear
eriban: Three fallen angles
Al Tee: ..do you see that Spock?...
Jenny!: Hangin' on
Jenny!: Headspace
eriban: Impossible Triangle
eriban: Impossible Triangle
eriban: Impossible Triangle
Al Tee: ..right..own up..who drew the plans then?..
Al Tee: ..triangular tangle...
eriban: Monumental Failure
eriban: The Thing That Wood Not Be
eriban: Time for Light Reflections
eriban: Rock the Boat
eriban: Tourist Trap II
Al Tee: ..outside that box...