cybertect: Stagecoach 12151
richardbw9: Southwark Bridge 17jan21
jaykay72.: Liquid Lunch
jaykay72.: Back Ache ?
Jennika Argent: St Dunstan in the fields London
Nigel Turner: Office Towers, City of London
JCRM6: Sky over St Paul Cathedral
seantgUK: London Jan 17 2021
jaykay72.: Anti-Social Distancing
cybertect: The Leadenhall Building
jaykay72.: Not For Turning
Nigel Turner: St Paul's Cathedral from Nunhead Cemetery
Dave Button: Gherkin Pedestrians
cybertect: Milton Street
Joe Dunckley: Queen Victoria Street and the City skyline
cybertect: Whitecross Street Ramp
Joe Dunckley: Aldgate cityscape
psyxjaw: 2020-12-20: Doesn't Feel Like A Green Light
psyxjaw: 2021-01-02: Down Cheapside
psyxjaw: 2021-01-02: The Ship Of Bank
psyxjaw: 2021-01-02: Sixties Curve
psyxjaw: 2021-01-02: Grasshopper Top
cybertect: Cock Lane
photphobia: St. Paul's Cathedral, London
Douguerreotype: Close Of Business
richardr: Trinity House
richardr: 33–35 Eastcheap
Dimmilan: Do Not Trust Robots
Matthew Huntbach: City of London House of Fraser (2)
jaykay72.: Steaming