Rusti Steele: " Ham "
nolehace: food; home-made from scratch biscuits, fresh strawberries, & sweetened sour cream 10-20
Tania-Dulcis in Furno: Zucche Ornamentali-Ornamental Gourds
Baking is my Zen: Pumpkin Season ~
auntneecey: green peace
Marcia Milner-Brage: Last Tomatoes Ripening
Ivan van Nek: Sperziebonen
dominotic: 2020 Sydney: Berries
BeaLeiderman: Fly on arugula bloom
Marcia Milner-Brage: Last Local Tomatoes
ygwgjnxl12: grape
pollydrake75: Ghost Pumpkin
pastadimama: One color - Macro Mondays
emanuelezogno: IMG_9632-2
Rudr Peter | Smile to the world |: Macro of an Okra Flower
Lina Luna Prema: a pomegranate
Lina Luna Prema: a pomegranate with a guest inside (the black worm on the left, between the grains)
Lina Luna Prema: eaten persimmon (who knows by whom?
No day without a photo: Apples On The Ground
schegao: Thankfully that nature is not racist
scotchokra: 2020 ~ The last pepper!
shixart1985: A juicy pineapple cut into slices.