rb hunt (Sharing the Moment): Its-Cold-When---40210R
" Hema K Pillalamarri ": Playing With Boyfriend....
(robcee): bad laundry day
JACK TOME: Toronto Early Black
Tiphaine Rolland: Green Lake, Dysart et al, Ontario, Canada
Gaetan_M: Tour CIBC et Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde (1970)
Anthony Mark Images: The Standish Express
Karen_Chappell: After the Blizzard
KellyMercer: Get Air 328 Cadets -40
wessexman...(Mike): BBQ cancelled today!
peterkelly: Cracked Up
K.R. Alexander: Coyote hunting south of High River, Alberta.
gord.gillespie: bottle and plate still life 1880s
stephenisabellemaggie: Vieux-Beloeil
Sammyboy77: Cardinal rouge (m) / Northern cardinal (m)
Betty_l0u: Loups
ratexla (protected by Pixsy): 20180615_11 Neat morel near Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
walneylad: Gracie chewing on a stick
Warp Factor: A bird in hand.
dhklee: Short-eared Owl
Edward B.'s Pictures: Flexity Outlook #4570 at Long Branch Loop
klementsp: Waiting for the Show
Curepian: First official snow fall 2020 - London, Ontario
etherflyer: Glen Major Fall Aerial V
Donald Plourde: Matin lustré / Morning glaze
itsonlykotsy: Fun in the Snow