autumnhillswoollens685: American Robin Portrait
Gitsh: Australasian figbird (Sphecotheres vieilloti)
autumnhillswoollens685: Fast Food for a Black-cappped Chickadee
autumnhillswoollens685: Startled by the Light
autumnhillswoollens685: Cedar Waxwing
autumnhillswoollens685: Black-headed Grosbeak
SDRPhoto321: "Pretty" in Pink??
autumnhillswoollens685: A Male Anna's Hummingbird
SDRPhoto321: Catch of the Day
SDRPhoto321: Green Gaze
Beatrix MK: California Brown Pelican
Beatrix MK: Bird in Hand
autumnhillswoollens685: A Clandestine Male Anna's Hummingbird
Beatrix MK: Mute swan
Beatrix MK: Rescued hummingbird
Beatrix MK: Baby Dove and Mother
Beatrix MK: Ringneck dove family
autumnhillswoollens685: A Female Anna's Hummingbird
SDRPhoto321: Passing Through
SDRPhoto321: Rising Up
autumnhillswoollens685: A Baby Barn Owl 5 weeks later
autumnhillswoollens685: Looking for Dad to feed me.
SDRPhoto321: Squabbling Siblings
autumnhillswoollens685: 2 young Barn Owls and Dad checking out the chickens
autumnhillswoollens685: Two Fledgling Barn Owls w/ Parent on left.
SDRPhoto321: From Above
SDRPhoto321: Ruffled Red
autumnhillswoollens685: A Baby Barn Owl
autumnhillswoollens685: The Barn Manager
autumnhillswoollens685: Black-headed Grosbeak