SDRPhoto321: Squabbling Siblings
autumnhillswoollens685: 3 young Barn Owls checking out the chickens
autumnhillswoollens685: Three Fledgling Barn Owls
SDRPhoto321: From Above
SDRPhoto321: Ruffled Red
autumnhillswoollens685: A Baby Barn Owl
autumnhillswoollens685: The Barn Manager
autumnhillswoollens685: Black-headed Grosbeak
autumnhillswoollens685: A Grosbeak at 25,600 ISO
SDRPhoto321: Battling with Mom - Other Photos from this series in the comments below
autumnhillswoollens685: Lunch at the Fast Food Sock
autumnhillswoollens685: Female American Goldfinch
autumnhillswoollens685: American Goldfinch in Focus
autumnhillswoollens685: An American Goldfinch Portrait
Martin Jarrett: Chaffinch at Riverside Country Park
eeeyore94: DSCF4240
eeeyore94: Pelican
autumnhillswoollens685: An Eurasian Collared Dove
autumnhillswoollens685: Hummingbird Preening
autumnhillswoollens685: Rufous Hummingbird Portrait
autumnhillswoollens685: Wonderful Hummingbird Throat Colors
autumnhillswoollens685: Rufus at Attention!
autumnhillswoollens685: First appearance of our Rufous hummingbird
autumnhillswoollens685: Supper for a Red-Tailed Hawk
autumnhillswoollens685: An American Robin w/ Lunch
juliavalente95: Rock Jungle
autumnhillswoollens685: Aloysius (barn owl) sleeping on a full tummy.