My loved eyes Musya squeezed her eyes shut
Small and Beautiful: in awe . . .
m@thilde.: soleil
PriscillaHernandez85: Marguerite / Daisy
shin ikegami: This work is 7/15 works taken on 2019/10/05
Bartek Rozanski: IMG_4525
_ SZS _: Having lunch
_ SZS _: Bearded reedling
_ SZS _: F684B887-E22F-4C87-AF45-5E649C663649_1_201_a
_ SZS _: Winter is coming
_ SZS _: 9FED5F39-CEEF-4518-AF7D-8910C1364508_1_100_o
tuvidaloca: Berberis julianae, foliage & fruits (study)
shin ikegami: This work is 4/15 works taken on 2019/10/05
iturecki: Anastazja
iturecki: Anastazja
iturecki: toadstool
bernstrid: DSC05440
Tomo M: Japanese anemone
Stonepicker+: November Paints
*Capture the Moment*: Source of Life
_ SZS _: Eye contact
Reendeer: Pancolar_6781
Reendeer: Pancolar_6766