_brandoninidaho1979_: A Neon Noir: Volume Two, Chapter Five
canastopolis: Tres luces
_brandoninidaho1979_: A Neon Noir: Volume Zero, Chapter Eight
_brandoninidaho1979_: A Neon Noir: Volume One, Chapter Two
_brandoninidaho1979_: Fort Hall July 2018
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Marcos Telias: The Strays (Callejeros)
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Marcos Telias: The Angel
Marcos Telias: The Conjunction
canastopolis: DSC_0680-2
Marcos Telias: The Bloodlilies
canastopolis: DSC_0693-2
_brandoninidaho1979_: the snow blooms
Marcos Telias: The Kynomanders (Cinomandras)
yanomano_: sail_liner
AruXet+: RW-2019-00050046
_brandoninidaho1979_: Pretty Poley
_brandoninidaho1979_: Happy Thanksgiving (& The Time Honored Tradition of American Racism)
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Aaron Lynton: AB3I1326a
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Jean-Luc Léopoldi: Saturn or The Shadows of Time
AruXet+: RW-2019-00049985