Daniel Karmy: Afoot again in the past - Portsmouth Harbour in sepia
Daniel Karmy: Afoot again in the past - Portsmouth Harbour in sepia
istrapaus: Choosing a sports loop Apple watch band
David-photopixel-bzz: Paris 19ème
istrapaus: Classic and affordable black leather apple watch
onurkalafat67: Lileather
onurkalafat67: Apple watch 5 Hands-on review: Better watchos 6 - lileather
onurkalafat67: Change Apple Watch Strap
jimkool4udr: Beautiful Scarlet Oak Pond in Summer
onurkalafat67: white-running-activity-clouds-arm-mountains-watch-apple-watch_t20_AobK4K
onurkalafat67: My-Post
onurkalafat67: My Post
onurkalafat67: Apple-Watch-Mockup
jimkool4udr: Niagara Falls - American Side
jimkool4udr: Daucus carota (Bird’s Nest)
Churches from Romania: F644BBD5-EEC6-45D1-816D-EB1C2D1D48A6
Churches from Romania: A188D9B6-490C-47D6-8CD1-9C6151EFFF85
Churches from Romania: 0C97D5C1-1AC1-49B2-A452-93ED9E52D314
Churches from Romania: 06DF545D-364E-4F65-BE1A-5AD2F2B8B319
Churches from Romania: D997306B-D0D7-4D67-8D71-06428F39C744
Churches from Romania: AF878C46-D581-40BA-BF42-A22C95B1C7A4
andreacaaas: Heaven
onurkalafat67: World is seen from space; extraordinarily nice
onurkalafat67: Apple is nice
onurkalafat67: Leaderboard on the broadway
tlillig: Sunset bonfire